Promote, develop and empower a safe working environment, focusing on awareness, commitment, open communication and education.

Policies do not ensure a safe work environment, people do. At Franjo Restoration Services, we believe safety is everyone’s responsibility.

That said, we take every possible measure and precaution to ensure the safety of those on our jobsites. From each project’s kick-off, our teams lay out a safety plan during the planning process, ensuring safety issues are addressed early on, and long before work even begins.

We know our safety manager, Jay Celaschi, is among the best in the business. But we also realize we can’t depend merely on one individual’s know-how and passion to ensure safety on the jobsite. That’s why our total approach to safety is rooted in teamwork and the connections we build with our trade partners, as well as with one another. The reality is that Jay is only a part of a company-wide safety culture driven by a genuine passion for building personal relationships, cross-team accountability and a commitment by every worker to watch one another’s back because they want to, not because they have to.

We are proud to have been able to maintain a consistent Experience Modification Ratio (1.00) as evidence of our on-going commitment to safety.

For more information, contact:

Jay Celaschi | Safety Director