“We make your
living space look &
feel like home again.”


Our construction services go beyond the repairs following an emergency. When you experience damage due to fire, water, storms, or other events, it is likely accompanied by one or more other types of damage.

Restoration Construction Services

At Franjo Restoration, we know all about restoration construction. That is the basis of our mission statement: Restoring Peace of Mind. We have decades of experience in reconstructing and repairing properties as well.

Our services go beyond the initial cleanup and disaster restoration; rather, we look deeper into the integrity of the structure to make sure the damage is not limited to cosmetic.

Other times, our structural restoration construction services are either elective or performed for maintenance reasons. Foundations age over time or may have worn down due to improper water redirection. You may be reinforcing your structure to put on an addition. Regardless of the reason, Franjo Restoration is the team you want on your side.

Are you in need of restoration construction services? Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle damage reconstruction
  • Water damage reconstruction
  • Fire damage reconstruction
  • Wind & storm damage reconstruction
  • Carpentry
  • Content cleaning / temporary shoring
  • Construction cleanup
  • Roofing repair & reconstruction
  • Exterior finishing
  • Interior reconstruction & buildouts
  • General structural repair
  • Commercial property reconstruction
  • Apartment building reconstruction

As we are under the same umbrella as Franjo Construction, we offer complete restoration and remodeling and repair services. Forget about Googling companies for “restoration and remodeling” when one call to us does it all. Structural repairs, gutting, remodeling, general repairs, upgrades – whether it’s remediation, renovations or both, we can do it all.