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When strong winds come through, they can destroy otherwise sturdy structures and objects. You may experience wind, hail, or water damage without much warning. Further, a storm can cause damage to objects near the structure, which then damage the property itself.

What’s more alarming is the damage most homeowners cannot see, and it causes other types of damage as well. One shingle blown away can allow water to seep into the roof. Insulation will soak it up, but within a couple of years, the ceiling will begin to leak. Wind damage restoration, storm damage restoration, and storm damage cleanup are vital to prevent long-term damage from occurring.

What should you do when you experience storm damage?

The first and most important action to take is ensuring the safety of everyone inside and near the property.

Once everyone is safe, move on to securing the property. Franjo Restoration offers board-up, site securing, and content containment services to keep your property and belongings safe while we assist with the wind or storm damage restoration. When emergencies occur, we are on site the same day.

Our wind & storm damage restoration services include but are not limited to:

  • Wind damage restoration
  • Hail damage restoration
  • Storm damage cleanup
  • Security/board up
  • Content removal & containment
  • Roofing repair
  • Water damage restoration
  • Structural inspection & repair